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WCA is a full service worldwide creative production agency, with offices in New Orleans, LA.

Our diverse team of innovative producers work collaboratively with leading special event coordinators to bring their artistic visions to life by creating seamless production experiences.

We engage with each project uniquely, and curate each experience to match the specific needs of our clients.

With an extensive roster of entertainment carried out all over the world, our multilingual team has built an extensive international network that allows us to offer our clients the best and most exclusive production resources available worldwide.

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"WCA is all about quality.  With a family who has been a part of the Entertainment community for over a century, I am proud to raise the bar and offer a new level of expectation in event production. Our clients range from celebrities to heads of state, to happy couples and working families who are purchasing entertainment for the first and only time in their lives.  WCA's unlimited resources have allowed the company the flexibility to help and service all in the community, while setting the highest standard for client satisfaction.I am also honored to share and represent Louisiana's greatest export - our musicians - both home and abroad.  From the halls of the Capitol to international expos, WCA holds true to our very own "credo" - always give back.

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